Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl XL

all right folks let's hear it. thoughts on the game? which commercial was the best?

personally i think it was pretty bland all the way thru. the commercials were good but nothing was "Terry Tate" good. The halftime show blew hard. The coverage sucked since i got pretty damn tired of hearing about Bettis. don't get me wrong the guy is great and i'm glad he got his due, but they just pushed the story WAY too much.


Janet said...

I thought the commercials were average, I think the one that made me actually laugh was the one where the doctor killed the fly right before the wife and daughter walked into the room, But, I cant even remember what the hell the commercial was for. and maybe the career builder jackasses commercial- I didn't see that one coming. I'm definately tired of the whole Bettis deal, I am glad he got to win a superbowl before he retired, but enough already.

Anonymous said...

BORING!! the commercials were so-so, i did like the magic frig and the fed-ex! the half time show was boring but i guess after last years show they wanted to keep things PG!! The game just wasn't exciting, expecially when the Redskins weren't there!! It was just plan jane the whole night!

Cheyenne said...

I only watched so I could see The Rolling Stones. Most all Bud Light commercials were fairly decent.