Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stewart clear-up

I've been thinking about the flak that Tony has gotten over his driving and his safety comments. I've come to the conclusion that maybe he doesn't deserve all of it. i still think opening his mouth was foolish. just because of the can of worms he ended up opening.

think about a few things

- when he made his comments he was referring specifically to "bump drafting" when he said they'll end up killing someone.
- his wrecks and bumps during the race had nothing to do with bump-drafting. at all. he was hitting guys from the side.
- was this kind of behavior atypical for him? he's been paying guys back since he got on the track. it's just his style.
- do you really think it's realistic to eliminate bumping and banging altogether? try to imagine Bristol with no bumping.

so when you think about it, he wasn't really being a hypocrite.

if i'm wrong someone tell me why.


Sara said...

Other issues aside, isn't it funny how many people have said that the way Stewart was driving Sunday was "okay" at Bristol or Martinsville, but not on a RP track? A few have actually suggested that the aggressive driving penalty should be greater, but only at Daytona and Dega. Yeah. THAT makes sense. That's exactly what we need - more ambiguity! Woo-hoo!

Cheyenne said...

you're not wrong...I concur fully with what you say.