Monday, February 20, 2006

daytona thoughts

ok, i've finally settled down and had time to think of something to say on the weekend.

- fuck johnson. you knew i was going to say and i hate to disappoint. i would've rather seen Newman win, but since Mears hung him out to dry that didn't happen.

- i guess cheaters do prosper. at this point i've stopped being surprised that Hendrick cars are getting away with whatever the fuck they like and coming out squeeky clean. why are any of you surprised still?

- oh and nice job of thanking the "haters" versus whatever pitiful fans you have left, Johnson. seriously, how the hell can anyone cheer for this tool? someone find me a 48 fan and have them explain it to me cuz i'm dying to know.

- ok, now i'm 100% sorry that Tony opened his damn mouth after the shootout. not only did he ruin coverage by giving the media the green-light to beat us over the head ALL WEEK with the weak-ass storyline of safety, but he then proceeded to completely throw his credibility in the fucking toilet with his driving Sunday. Maybe he was just paying Kenseth back, but the bottom line is, you can't complain about safety and then go out and look like you're putting everyone around you in the wall. Tony just lost a lot of credibility.

- nice to see how the media was on the ball last year on just how many laps Jr led and yet didn't see fit to mention he led the most laps at Daytona.

- worst part of Sunday, now we have to listen to the media kiss Johnson's ass all year. i know i wasn't alone when i changed channels before he got to victory lane. The Duke game was far more satisfying to watch.


brian said...

I don't consider myself a 'fan' of JJ in the same sense that you consider yourself a 'fan' of Jr or Sr. But I personally enjoyed what he had to say in VL. Most of the time you see people thanking sponsors or 'the fans' or whatever. How boring is that? Do you or I feel special when Gordo says 'thanks to all my fans for making this possible'? I don't. What JJ shoulda said was 'to all the haters, kiss my ass i'm going to the bank with 1.5M and you all can go back to staring out the window and commence shutting up.'

so /shrug - i give jj the benefit of the doubt. i'm no expert on nascar or what the drivers do in their spare time, but i find it completely plausible that he didn't know that any illegal modifications had been made to his car - he probably just trusted his crew to make the car as fast as it could go, and if it was illegal, well someone's ass is gonna fry but it ain't gonna be his, so who cares? I mean honestly - listen to the guy talk on tv - this isn't some mechanical expert - it's a guy that can wheel a car and leaves all the technical stuff to the people paid to know. so yah, i guess i don't have a problem with him. my .02

mayorjimmy said...

you know what, once or twice or the first couple times something like this happens i can KINDA buy the "i didn't know" excuse. but this guy has been doing this for years. we've reached the point where i'm not gullible and stupid enough to buy that excuse anymore. besides given his track record for constantly shifting the blame it's a given that he was going to pass the buck when blame-time came around.

as for the haters comments.... his comments smacked more of a childish tantrum rather than a "in your face" taunting. if it were Harvick or Stewart saying something like that then i can buy it, but Johnson? he couldn't get in his wife's face on the honeymoon.

Cynthia said...

You should have a problem...Because he blatenly cheated. I suppose you don't have XM radio either...If you did you'd of heard the FACTS of how HMS cheated. I mean how can you have a GROUP of engineers at HMS devise this mechanism to fit on the trackbar and the DRIVER not know?

So while your busy smoozing up to the assholes of HMS and Jimmie Johnson perhaps be privy to actual FACTS on the 48. It's only a matter of time before the powers that be...penalize him WITH POINTS ON THE 48 CAR.

It's so pathetic Jimmie's FANS didn't take precedence over his public outcry to his "Haters" after his win yesterday. I found it childish, uncouth and a direct reflection of the true Nature of his character. That's why he barely has fan base. My question would be how many race fans turned off the TV when he got to Victory lane?


But you know....that's a whole other story.....You know Jeffie was waiting for him anxiously in his motor coach right??

mayorjimmy said...

i'm guessing Cynthia isn't happy with johnson.

just a guess.....

brian said...

LOL Cynthia - I'm not sure why you're upset with me. I already admitted that I am what could be considered a 'casual' fan, and no, I don't have XM satellite. I just watched what was on NBC. /shrug. Sounds like you're a more hardcore Nascar fan, do a lot more research on what's going on, etc. That's cool. Didn't mean to offend, just giving my .02. Personally, from what I've seen on TV, I don't think any of the drivers are bad guys - they're just guys that like to drive, had the breaks go their way, and now are richer than me. But like, seriously - schmoozing to the HMS guys? Huh?

Cynthia said...


(cat scatch claw)

I'd be okay....if the comment about haters was not used. Champions thank the fans....not their haters......

obviously he wasn't brought up right. Maybe he needed a few more spankings or slaps in the mouth!

and Brian,
all I am saying is IF your privy to ALL the info given to us by John Darby on XM radio last week perhaps your comments would be a bit more refined. It's a far more serious & complex matter than the coverage of NBC allows you to recieve...I promise.

Misty said...

I must agree with both Mayor and Cynthia on this one -- his remarks were childish and completely unclassy. So nice to hear how he was thinking about all his fans who just sat for four hours in the rain/mist/cold of Daytona and who traveled so far to see him win. Glad to hear they were #1 in his thoughts.

On another note, what's up with all this "vindication" talk and how Jimmy wishes Chad could be there to share with the team. Did Jimmy forget that he did something WRONG, ILLEGAL, and UNPROFESSIONAL? I'm sorry, I wouldn't be pointing that out once again to the media how unremorseful he is for being caught, not for Chad actually doing it.

Additionally, I'm not buying that Jimmy didn't know something was different with the car -- give me a break, I may be a blonde but even I would know that something had been done to my car to suddenly cause it to go 2-4 mph faster. These guys have been testing and testing in the weeks before this and concerned over making improvements on their time, much of that measured in increments of less than a second. I see pictures of these drivers in the garages and talking with their crew chiefs and teams. Don't tell me that they don't know what's going on! Don't tell me that these drivers haven't got a clue as to what's beneath their hoods and the body on their cars. I'm not buying it.

Cheyenne said...

Excellent post! My sentiments exactly. I just cannot fathom how they get away with it all the time. It just irritates me to no end that they do, too. Just like Jeff Gordon so many years ago. When does it ever end?
Yeah, same here about Junior's laps led. They stuffed our faces with it all last year, and nothing for this first race. Pitiful bunch of a-holes.

Christina said...

OMG, you guys have me in tears!! Hilarious!!!

Screw Jimmie... He ain't nothing but a pathetic whiny baby just like his butt buddy Gordo.

Bring on Cali.

What do y'all think of McMurray driving like he ain't got any sense? One part of me wants to say it's just because he's not used to his new car... The other part of me wants to say that he just doesn't know how to drive. LOL

I was also ashamed to be a Stewart fan this past Sunday... He had to run his mouth and then he blatantly takes out Kenseth (which I kinda thought was funny cuz I really don't like Kenseth, but oh well..) My friends were teasing me and I told them to shut up... Yes, I'm a Stewart fan... But I'm an E Sad fan first and foremost!!!

Shea said...

My thoughts!!!

As has happened so many times in the past, hopefully the Curse for the 500 will stick with JJ and he will not be the champ this year!!!

He had to think he haters because there are more of us than fans!! That just made me laught my ass off!! I wasn't mad at him, that just made him look soooo Childish!!! What a fagg!!!

Junior had a good top ten and is sixth in the points maybe he will sneak up and win this thing this year!!!

I just laught again when Matt said he didn't touch Tony, yeah right, they showed it on reruns about 50 times!! Stop complaining and accept the penalty!!

Sara said...

Ever notice how the #48 doesn't seem to have fans of his own? He just piggy-backs on Gordon (who, though I don't like him, actually deserves the praise he gets). Pretty sad, when you think about it.

It's not so much what JJ said, but that he said anything taunting at all. That's not "personality." That's arrogance. What is this, the NBA? Those of you who thought what Johnson said was funny - do you really want NASCAR to turn into a sport where the drama is more important than the actual competition? Not me.

Sara said...

One more thing.......I'm not really understanding the impression some fans seem to have that Stewart was given preferential treatment Sunday. I'm sure you've all heard this one - Stewart only had to go to the end of the line, whereas Kenseth was black-flagged. Well, um...Kenseth only got black-flagged because he refused to comply with the penalty - the same penalty given to Stewart earlier. So, while I can sympathize with Kenseth, he ended up losing ground in part because of his own actions.

Under the rules the way they are now, I don't think NASCAR can punish Stewart any more than they have already. And if they do come up with some extra fine, it should apply to all of the drivers cited for aggressive driving Sunday. Personally, I think NASCAR's more likely to fine Stewart for pushing away the in-car camera than for anything else he did.