Sunday, February 19, 2006

Daytona baby

it's go time!!!

well, in a couple hours anyway. i'll probably live-blog a diary while watching.


Cynthia said...

I heard a conference with John Darby @ Daytona last week after the 48's infraction. He explained in detail what the 48 did. He described that a group of HMS engineers specifically created this mechanism to work on the Track bar. It was thoughtout, devised, pre-meditated.
It was down right cheating from every viewpoint and every angle. So much so that now Nascar has to devise a way to check every single car that goes through inspection. (Instead of random inspections from the way I understood it). It has NOTHING to do with GREY area's. It has to do with being DISHONEST and a CHEAT. Points should be deducted. And Jimmie never should have been able to race that car.

It's so pathetic Jimmie's FANS didn't take precedence over his public outcry to his "Haters" after his win yesterday. I found it childish, uncouth and a direct reflection of the true Nature of his character. That's why he barely has fan base. And his little episode yesterday....didn't earn him any brownie points with the Veteran fans of this Sport. My question would be how many race fans turned off the TV when he got to Victory lane?

Anonymous said...

When Jimmy dedicated his win to the haters my first reaction was 'HELL YA!!'. For all the abuse these guys take for doing something as inconsequential as racing a car that is 3 decades behind in technology it has to make one wonder why all the fans' energy can't be directed toward something more constructive - like politics!! :))