Monday, February 06, 2006


We haven't even made it to the BUD SHOOTOUT and FoxSports has already tried to slap Johnson's name on the championship trophy.

can we PLEASE avoid handing out the winner's ribbon until about say maybe a QUARTER of the way thru the season? you media jerkwads think you can keep from blowing your load for a couple months?

ah who am i kidding.


Christina said...

I read that article last night... And couldn't believe that crap. I hope that article jinxes that non-driving bastard. LOL

Janet said...

Please...."Jimmy and I have never been more committed to each other..." **HURL**

Tiredawg said...

I wonder if Jeffy buddy is jealous? After all Chad was one of Gordo's Orig Rainblow Warriors. Oh shit that explains the bald spot on top of Chad's head.

Sara said...

Ugh. Predicting a "team to beat" before the season even starts is asinine enough, but to call the #48 "the team to beat"? Puh-leeze. I think the four drivers who finished ahead of Li'l Jimmie 'n Chad last season would beg to differ.