Monday, January 23, 2006

you choose

Once again it's time to play, "no justice or no god?"

Jimmie Johnson is now riding around in an 850 hp 67 Camaro

and before you start emailing me or commenting, i know he only has it because of the Hendrick plane crash. that isn't what i'm talking about. i'd much rather have Randy Dorton back with us too. so you can just shove that arguement up your ass.

i drive a camaro, i don't like Johnson, therefore him driving a totally sweet camaro makes for a joke "is this an example of no justice or no god?"


Chris said...

Did you see Bobby Allison's Dodge Daytona that was up for sale this weekend?

I'd take it over the Camaro any day.

mayorjimmy said...

no way, if you got that car you'd have to slap a batman symbol on it and start calling everyone "old chum".