Sunday, January 15, 2006

random rants

for this post, just call me Jim Rome. here's what i'm burning on.

- people giving themselves names/titles and getting away with it. one person in particular i can't stand is "queen" latifa. fuck her and fuck everyone who's been making things worse by not telling her "you're not a fucking queen, you're a fucking rapper and shitty actress you moron. if your real name is lame, too fucking bad. get off your cross, use the wood to build a bridge and GET OVER IT. take note. if you know me and you get famous and you suddenly decide you've become so popular you can give yourself a name, expect me to be the one to slap your goofy ass back into reality. like the queen and every other rapper out there needs.

- Miller Lite commercials. nothing says "pathetic" and "please buy our product we're dying" more than ads that specifically attack your competitor. you want a better ad? fine, here's an idea. go talk to The Simpsons people and see if you can use the character Gill for your next commercial. have him peddling the booze. "would ya like to buy a 12 pack of miller lite? come on please you gotta help ole Gill out.... AW NO i could just taste that sale. OH NO not my hotplate, i only had 2 more payments!!!"

- Hollywood's insane crusade to convince us all that EVERYONE on death row is innocent or misunderstood. apparently, nobody in prison deserves to be there and the cops have nothing better to do than go around framing minorities. maybe we can make this trend work in our favor. we can make the argument against police installing camera stoplights and speeding cameras, because if they do that cops will have more free time and they'll want to spend it framing minorities. so in the interest of justice we protest cameras or anything else that will keep police off the streets. they can't catch me speeding if they're out there framing people now can they? ha ha ha!!!!

- this weather we've been having lately. hey Seattle, how bout you stop hogging all the rain you selfish jerks!!! share with San Antonio!!

- what the hell is up with MTV and their shows that try and see just how superficial and shallow they can get people to act? shows like Made, Next, Room Raiders.... what the hell? and while we're on it, how long till you tell your kids that you remember a time when MTV played music videos and they look at you and laugh? i give it 5 years.

- just to insert a positive comment, let me just share with you a reason why i love my school (ITT Tech). you see, no matter how fat, ugly, badly dressed, nerdy, or socially awkward i will EVER feel.... i can always go to school and be sure that i'll find someone who's worse than me. guaranteed. every freaking time. i'm not just there to learn, i'm also there for an ego boost.

- is it me, or has TV in general become extremely bi-polar? either you love what's on and can't wait for the next episode, or you'd rather jab your eyes with a fork than watch it. speaking of rather jab a fork in my eye than watch..... apply that to all these shows about people who date like crazy and just can't find "true love". fuck these people. like i'm stupid enough to believe that someone who looks like Heather Graham has problems dating. or this coming show "love monkey" where some guy apparently is going to be dating tons of chicks and is in constant search for "miss right". on behalf of the guys who can't get a new girlfriend every other week, up yours pal.

- and last but not least, i'm pissed about the total drought of entertainment until March. no good movies coming out, nothing on the Xbox360 either. this sucks.

if i missed anything i'll post later.

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Cynthia said...

Hey Mayor,
Remember the Rocket on MTV. Every hour on the hour? Remember Friday night video fights? Metal Mania and Headbangers ball late on Saturday?
MTV has concentrated so much on Reality TV and forgot about the roots of music that has made them what they are today. About the only show I do like is "Meet the Barkers". Travis Barker may be quircky ( and may look a little different) but it goes to show someone may look different but is still able to pull off being a good husband and AWESOME FATHER. Plus he's funny as SHIT! Give it a try....

I'm so sick of Hollywood in General. I get this Magazine called US weekly. With a BIG picture of Jessica Simpson. It has a big Caption: Poor Jessica, how will she COPE.

FUCK JESSICA. Like I feel sorry for anyone who lives in Hollywood and spends 5,000 on a FUCKING PURSE. She can fucking cope like a normal human being does...your marriage is fucked....Get over it.

Death row....a Group of Hollywood stars get together to try and save the life of man who's killed more that 3 adults in COLD BLOOD. If my memory serves me correctly, he also killed a few inmates....too! Okay remind me why he deserves clemency? Maybe show him the same disposition to show mercy to his VICTOMS?

I have always felt Hollywood stars misuse their notoriety as a Platform for their political views and insight.

I'll get your link up on my site and board right away....You need some traffic over here....

: )

Love ya...Welcome back!