Saturday, January 28, 2006

poor Matt

I just read that Kenseth has signed a multiyear extension to stay on with Roush racing. I have to admit, i'm very disappointed. not JUST because i hate Roush either. i'm saddened because i honestly figured Kenseth had more sense than this. I would have thought the first 3/4 of the 2005 season would have taught Matt something. I thought it would have exposed him to the reality of just what kind of bandwagon owner Roush is. i thought Matt would try and go to a team who would appreciate his talent when things are good AND when things are bad. frankly this is like finding out a married friend of yours has decided to go back to her husband even though he treats her like crap and hits her on occasion. sure, we all know that this was Matt's choice and i'm sure he has his reasons. you just can't help but look at this and think to yourself "does he think Roush is going to change? " or even worse he really will act like a battered wife and blame himself, "maybe i didn't perform as well as i could have. maybe Jack was right for ignoring me the way he did. maybe if i try extra hard he'll see how good i am." am i wrong for feeling like Matt just surrendered like he was a French Army?


Cheyenne said...

It seems there is something Roush has over these guys...some strange black magic, perhaps a voodoo doll. I gave Matt more credit than that, too. And ya know what? Roush sits on this throne like Jack the King when all he is, is Jack Shit.

Sara said...

Either Roush did some serious ass-kicking during the off-season or Kenseth has completely lost his mind. Of course, Kenseth's got to figure that, even as the bottom guy on the Roush totem pole, he'd have better equipment and support staff than if he were the top driver at most othre teams. So maybe it's not crazy...but I would've thought Kenseth would have more self-respect.

Anonymous said...

He actually signed this extension the end of last season. Don't you love it when old news is made to sound new again?