Thursday, January 19, 2006

movies for geeks

the state of comic book and video game movies seems to be a curious one. i think comic movies are doing far better than video games, but i think that's because the people making comic book movies hire better talent. The success of X-Men and Spiderman have opened the door for many many other films. some good (Batman Begins) and some not so good (Catwoman which i didn't see thank god).

Meanwhile video game movies in general continue to suck. Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Mario Bros, House of the Dead, Wing Commander..... they all sucked hard. Mortal Combat 2 never happened. what i'm not understanding is why game companies don't get more involved in the movies. be more selective and don't just sign on the dotted line to the first jackass who throws you an offer. for example, if Uwe Boll makes an offer, the correct response is to kick him in the balls and burn his house down. Uwe is the genius behind the House of the Dead movie (a movie in which they actually showed random 1 second clips of the game throughout the movie) and recent box office crash-and-burn Bloodrayne. He's also making the Dungeon Siege movie and i read that someone was stupid enough to let him make a Far Cry movie. so all-in-all i'm not that optimistic for the future of gaming movies.

The future for comic movies is a mixed bag. I have my reservations on the upcoming Supeman movie. for those of you who know me, you know how much i love Superman. he's the greatest hero of all time. ever. he defines what it means to be a superhero. i'm very protective of my icon. i watch Smallville, but i watch with a bad taste in my mouth (i'll explain later). I would love to see more Batman movies as long as Christian Bale is Batman. he rocks. i'm highly anticipating X-Men 3 and i think Ghost Rider might be good. The Spiderman series is good, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth like Smallville does.

Why the bad tastes? One word: Romance. There is WAY too much fucking romance in movies in general. every freaking movie has to have SOME kind of romantic angle to it. That's the main thing i hate about Smallville, and that's what i don't like about the Spiderman series. It's one of the reasons i'm kinda dreading the upcoming superman movie, because i'm deathly afraid the superman/lois lane storyline will be too big. Anyone wonder WHY the X-Men movies and Batman Begins WORKED??? it's because while there was romance, it was very very minor and was not the focus point. it was treated like a "yeah yeah, there's some love but here's the REAL story" and not like a chick flik set in a comic book universe. that's why all the Batman movies prior to Begins sucked. in EVERY FUCKING ONE they try to have Bruce give up being Batman. Batman would never stop being who is he FOR A CHICK. Bruce Wayne is the mask Batman wears, not the other way around. so while i doubt the movie companies will ever stop shoving romance down our throats i can only hope that DC and Marvel are smart, and that Video Game companies wise-the-fuck-up.


Anonymous said...

I liked smallville.

Val Kilmer played a Great Batman.

I'm not really up to date on Video games but I'm really looking forward to that New Movie "Nannie McPhee".



Shea said...

Also the old redo movies are big such as King Kong (which i saw this weekend and LOVED). I also love the comic book movies, at first I didn't like the idea of it but they grew on me!


Cheyenne said...