Monday, January 16, 2006

lighten up

i saw this over at the corner.

Three TV commercials I can't stand:

1. Budweiser Select: Could there be a duller spokesman than August Busch IV? Does monotone sell beer? It's enough to make me run screaming for Pete Coors in the Rockies.

2. Coke: I'm thinking of the one with polar bears and penguins. Don't they know that polar bears live in the Arctic and penguins in the Antarctic? This is biological illiteracy.

3. MasterCard: The ads with Peyton Manning, who won't be appearing in this year's Superbowl, are funny, as he acts like a crazed fan cheering on everyday people as they perform ordinary jobs. The one where he asks the grocery store stockboy to sign a loaf of bread for his little brother is especially funny. But these commercials also leave a bad taste in my mouth. They show a football superstar mocking the enthusiams of his fans, and suggest that grocery store stockboys are less worthy of applause than sports jocks. There's something fundamentally arrogant about this.

1 - i don't really find Busch to be monotone, but if it means a Budweiser commercial that Cedric "the entertainer" isn't in, that's fine by me. At least it isn't a Miller commercial. Can ole Gill sell ya some Miller? How much will you buy, please say a lot i need this......AH NO you promised you were buying a case from me.

2 - as a penguin fan i concur about the mixing of penguins and polar bears. but as a die-hard supporter of common-fucking-sense, we've already got the penguins dancing, and drinking coke. i think we've established reality isn't a factor. so it's cool that they share with polar bears.

3 - lighten up francis. this commercial is hilarious. it isn't an athlete looking down on the common man, it's just a "what if" look at applying sports fan situations to every day jobs. get that stick out of your butt there johnny.

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