Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bugging me

I find there's things that bug me.  They probably shouldn't but they do.

keyboard typing - occasionally at work when it's real quiet I hear a coworker clacking away on his keyboard and all i can hear is the keys click click click......  i dunno why but it bugs the shit out of me.  it shouldn't.  i'm sitting at a keyboard almost literally every minute that i'm not asleep. 

kids - most people find kids adorable.  either because they do or they have them and don't have a choice.  not me.  i find kids to be annoying as hell.  draw whatever conclusions you like, doesn't matter to me, i still don't like being around them. 

women who seem perfect - this one might need some explaination.  i mean the girl in your class that sits nearby every day.  the waitress at the bar who laughs at your stupid jokes and always has a smile.  the random stranger you see and can't get out of your head for hours after she leaves.  they're all girls who you like to see yourself with because you don't really know anything about them.  it's like a blank piece of paper you can write any story into.  you sit there and visualize the dozens of scenarios you sweep them off their feet.  it's perfect.  you don't have to deal with the crushing reality of them having a husband/boyfriend.  you don't have to find out they love everything you hate.  it bugs me because it's nothing but a whole lotta "what might have been".  seems like that's all i get nowadays and i hate it.

unavoidable internet advertising - pop ups.  giant banners that automatically expand at the top of the site.  anything that produces noise.  congrats on successfully getting me to not buy your product. 

the republican party 2011 - there are several ways to describe them.  i told my boy Joe that they're a party whose reach exceeds their grasp.  pointing out that Obama was a giant mistake and offering a few suggestions on how to get spending under control just wasn't good enough.  nope.  they demand all or nothing.  it's time to get broad sweeping changes.  you wanna know what the biggest story in them is?  "how are they going to lose the 2012 election".  because they are.  i can see it now.  this is a party without direction.  without a leader.  a party who tried to out-crazy the democrats in 2008.  you guys don't get it do you?  DROP THE CHURCH.  so so many people would flock to you if you did.  probably all the independants and even a lot of democrats.  oh well.

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